Get Involved

How to Get Involved

There is many ways that you can get involved in your local neighborhood. If you are in the Houston area, you can go to to find out ways you can help Houston. You can also volunteer with local organizations like boy/girl scouts and church and school projects or you can even organize your own projects.

Adopt a Highway/Block

To adopt a highway or block, talk to your local city. If you are in Houston, you can adopt both of these things and more. A typical adopt a highway organization expects you to pick up litter along the road side about 4 times a year. Some programs allow you to plant approved plants such as wild flowers and mow along your adopted highway. Sometimes they will let you keep the money from the sale of recyclable items you collect, such as aluminum cans or other scrap metal.

Earth Day

Earth Day is a day that is supposed to make people appreciate the environment. Most local places plan numerous projects and events for Earth Day. In the Houston area, events are sponsored by the Houston Zoo, Moody Gardens, and the local library. Earth Day is April 22nd, 2013.

America Recycles Day

Americas Recycles Day is November 15th, 2012. America Recycles Day is a national awareness event dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling. It's goal is to educate, promote environmental citizenship, and encourage action. Visit their website to sign a recycling pledge or to find out how to host a recycling event.

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