Other Ways Kids Can Help

Shopping Bags

Convince you parents to buy reusable shopping bags. These bags are really cheap and make a great green alternative to paper or plastic bags that only get used once and then end up wasting space in our landfills. For a little more money, you can even get insulated bags to help keep your food fresh during the trip back home from the market.

Another great way to reduce the number of shopping bags your family uses is to offer to help your parents carry the items purchased at convenience stores or on small trips to the supermarket. That way you don't need any shopping bags at all and best of all you will even get a little extra exercise.

Eco-Friendly Vacations

Encourage your parents to plan vacations, trips, and outings that are more environmentally friendly.
Try to stay closer to home to reduce the amount of energy you use and pollution you create during your vacations. If you must travel farther away from home, try choosing more environmentally-friendly destinations, activities, and hotels.

One good choice is to visit Great Wolf Lodge. They are the first major hotel chain to have all of their US properties to be Green Seal-Certified and their "Project Green Wolf" is a program that extends their commitment to the environment even more by providing environmental education programs for their younger guests, a TV channel dedicated to Green education in their hotels, and the Project Green Wolf website that features green ideas and tips for kids.

Pick Up Trash

If you pick up trash at a park, it will not damage the environment. It makes the environment a clean and healthy place to be in. It is a great way to be outside and be with family and friends.

Use Natural Ways to Get Rid of Pests

If you don't use chemicals to get rid of pests and use a more natural alternative, you can help the environment. One example is to use lady bugs instead of pesticides to eliminate aphids. Doing that will also feed the lady bugs which is also helping the environment.  I helped plant marigolds in our family's garden to help keep the bad bugs away. Here are some great places to find out more information about these and other alternatives to using harmful chemicals.

eartheasy.com(Pest Control)
eartheasy.com(Garden Pest Control)


If you use a compost pile, you can save stuff from going into the trash and create natural fertilizer at the same time. A compost pile is a pile of leftover biodegradable items that you can use as an environmentally friendly fertilizer. This is a great family project and a way kids can really get involved by helping with the composting. For more information about how to get started, here are some places to find out more.


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