Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Why It Is Important

Each year people collect and generate a tremendous amount of waste. If you reduce, reuse, and recycle you can slow the usage of resources, stop contamination of our environment, and make yourself feel good that you have done your part to help save the planet!

Ways Kids Can Help


Reduce means to find ways to eliminate the unnecessary collection, creation, and use of things that needs to be disposed of. This can be as simple as taking an insulated cup with you when you leave the house and refilling it instead of buying water and other drinks in plastic bottles.

Another great idea is to convince your parents to start getting their news online instead of buying newspapers. Each year hundreds of millions or trees are processed into the paper that is used to create newspapers. While about 70% of those papers are ultimately recycled, old newspapers still account for an estimated 13% of all of the stuff in out landfills.

Online news not only saves paper, it is also updated more regularly and can contain links to more information and even multimedia to supplement the information in the news stories. Also, most stores now publish their sales and coupons online, so there is really no good reason to buy the bulky, expensive, and wasteful newspapers. And, if they want, they can still buy online subscriptions and use their advertisers’ products and services in order to support their local or favorite newspapers.

Every little bit you save is that many fewer natural resources that must be consumed to produce the products you use and less wasteful and harmful things that have to be disposed of each year.


No matter how much you try to Reduce, you will still end up with a lot of things that you must somehow dispose of. Before you throw any of those things out, look through them and see if you can find anything that can be reused. For example, why buy new plastic storage bags when just about everything you buy comes wrapped in plastic bags. Also, plastic baby wipe boxes make great storage boxes, and if you have enough of them, they can even be used as building blocks. Next time you go to throw something in the trash can or recycling bin, take a second and see if you can think of some way to use it. Be creative!


Recycling is when you make something new out of something old instead of throwing it away. While it does take some time and energy to collect, distribute, and process recyclable items, in the long run it is much better for the environment that just throwing stuff into our landfills and wasting our precious natural resources.

What Can Be Recycled

If you have stuff that is toxic, click here if you are in Harris County ,TX for a place to recycle hazardous items. If you do not know where to take your recycling in your area, go to Some possible recyclable items include:
  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Batteries
  • Aluminum
  • Electronics
  • Old Motor Oil
  • Steel
  • Metal
  • Yard Waste
  • Cardboard
  • And Much More

How to Recycle and Get Rid of Old Stuff

To recycle, you have some options. You can take the recyclable items and give them to your local recycling center, or you can put them in your recycling bin. To get rid of old stuff that is either toxic or can not be recycled, read the instructions on the container or give it to some one else that the object might be of use to.

Benefits of Recycling

Recycling keeps waste out of land fills, conserves natural resources, reduces pollution, saves energy, and creates jobs.

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